If you’re happy voting for a tyrannical government, an oppressive police FORCE, paying out all your hard earned money in TAX, paying ‘fines’ for parking on a PUBLIC street, being forcibly vaccinated, forced to have an RFID and let your children be indoctrinated, losing all your rights, being told what you can or can’t do on a daily basis, among other things…..

You ARE in a coma…

Do you really believe that the government have YOUR best interest hat heart?
They are in that position because they were chosen at birth, they belong to a long line of families, going back centuries. They are an elite group of people hell-bent on taking over the world. You, me, everyone else on the planet who are not in their little clan and just a tool.

‘THEY’ plan on us staring a civil war, so that they can enslave the rest of the world. They are using religion as a weapon, by forcing immigration on us, letting millions of immigrants, who are not able to co-exist with people of other religions into countries which are being systematically destroyed by them. We are being forced to welcome them with open arms, all while they make US change and accept THEIR religion, beliefs & culture. We are being lead down a one-way path to a revolution and ‘THEY ‘ can’t wait for us to start a revolution, so they can start by getting the police in riot gear and throwing them at ut, then when we eventually over run them, in comes the Army with Martial Law… And a shoot-to-kill policy.

After martial law has been enforced and almost all the immigrants have been killed, they will have fulfilled their purpose, so they would no longer be of use, they will then turn on the remaining indigenous people who are left and, under curfew, kill anyone, without question, who breaks the curfew. The ones who are still alive will then be rounded up and forced into prison/slave camps. There will be those of us who don’t want to be a NWO slave, such as militia groups in the US & preppers. They will be scattered all over the country, all hiding from the NWO Army and any of the few remaining police and civilians who have turned and are traitors to the rest of us, they will be sending out scouting groups to route out & terminate any remaining opposition to the NWO.

Something needs to be done…


Complaining ain’t worth shit!!!

…When it comes to East Midlands Airport.

Where I live, I am `not too far away from East Midlands Airport (EMA), which is also used by a courier company from midnight untill 6am. The problem we have is planes leaving a specific flight tunnel way too early, yet, acording to ‘the rules’, they’re allowed to leave this ‘tunnel’ if they’re above 6,000 feet and the National Air Control tells them to.

One thing which is not taken into consideration is noise. At night, when it’s dark, noise travels further. 

This is a map of the flight paths which the planes take upon leaving the runway.Notice how my location is OUTSIDE the flightpath. Yet, acording to correspondence from EMA, air traffic is allowed to exit early. It seems that the higher up the aircraft are, the wider the flight tunnel is.

They are, however, restricted as to the type of aircraft which can use the airport after 11pm. If an aircraft leaves and the noise level is above the set level, they are hit with a fine, which does not happen unless under exceptional circumstances, such as humanitarian aid, which is to incentivise the use of quiet aircraft. Yet, as I mentioned earlier, I doubt they take into consideration the fact that noise travels further at night.

In the above picture, there are a number of flight paths, which the closes one is 2,564ft, where the edge of the flight path near where I live is 2,500ft which is 0.47 of a mile. The next one shows amy flights going outside the flight tunnel, where they’re above the ‘floor’ of 5,000ft

As the picture shows, there were a number of flights which came outside the flight tunnel and they were above the minimum height of 6,000 ft, there are a number of reasons which they are instructed by Air Traffic Control, such as the type of weather ahead of the aircraft along the flight tunnel, or another aircraft on approach to EMA.

So… What’s the point in making a complaint if the’re allowed to fly so close to us at what seems a reasonably high altitude, yet at night, it seems much lower due to the level of noise the engine makes. So, even aircraft which may still be within the flight tunnel and at the allowed ‘floor’ of 5,000ft seem even closed due to noise travelling further at night.

…If only I had an anti-aircraft battery!

Time travel or foresight

Recently been browsing YouTube and came across videos on the Montauk Project ‘philadelpia experiment’ and that one of the men was thrown into the future. He goes on to say there was a War between Russia/China vs USA/Europe.

And what do I read in the news just days before… China is joining Russia and going to Syria to fight isis.

Coincidence or what!

Another Rant Posted From WordPress For Android

Seen the light…

I was one of the many slaves to Micro$oft, using Window$ XP for many years. That was until May 2011 when I found myself talking to an old school friend (who’s moved to America), we got talking about Linux and its roots. I found out there are variations out there similar layout to how Window$ is, but it’s better.


Screenshot of Ubuntu 12.04 Gnome Classic & Kubuntu 12.04.

I was so intrigued by it, after being told about it and what it can do and how superior it is to Window$. You don’t need a Virus Killer or Firewall and It doesn’t need to be defragged. It doesn’t crash like Window$ so there’s no BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). It’s relatively easy to install programs. You can install them using the ‘Repo’ or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can install them yourself via the terminal. The ‘Repo’ is the reason that you don’t need a virus killer, they are 100% safe as they have already been checked. AND they’re FREE

You can get Ubuntu from HERE or the version I am now using, Kubuntu HERE.

I tried Ubuntu 11.10 after downloading the image and burning it to disc, I then rebooted my PC and booted to CD/DVD where Ubuntu boots to let you try Ubuntu or install it. After trying it (for less than 30 minutes), I liked it that much I installed it over Window$. Until I found Ubuntu, I was going to waste £1,200 on a completely NEW PC with Window$ 7. Instead, I continue to use my ‘old’ PC which was 5 years old in 2011, now it’s 8 years old and running FASTER as I can now use it to it’s FULL potential. I have upgraded the memory to the motherboards maximum of 8 Mb and I am able to bring the processors power to life, instead of being limited to 32bit, I can now use the full 64bits. There are so many benefits of using Ubuntu or any one of it’s many derivatives, check out the list HERE.


Kdenlive 0.9.8

If like me, you’re worried you’re not going to find similar software to what you used in Window$, just have a look HERE or HERE. There are PLENTY of similar programs, such as Kdenlive which is a great replacement for Nero.

And… Best of all… Ubuntu is FREE – No charge for a ridiculous ‘license key’.


Hello world!

Well, here it is… My first Blog.
Please be patient with me, I’m a blog virgin 😉
If you can help me with my blog site, please feel free to leave consturctive comments as I welcome any help and advice you can give me.

As you can see by my background image, I want the UK out of the EU.
I feel that being in the EU is a HUGE drain on the UK’s purse as primarily the money the Government gets of every UK tax payer is SUPPOSED to go towards the UK. Not to help bail out another country in the EU because of the failing EURO. Or to an even more pointless cause… Foreign Aid. After all, charity begins at home.