Time travel or foresight

Recently been browsing YouTube and came across videos on the Montauk Project ‘philadelpia experiment’ and that one of the men was thrown into the future. He goes on to say there was a War between Russia/China vs USA/Europe. 

And what do I read in the news just days before… China is joining Russia and going to Syria to fight isis.

Coincidence or what!

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Seen the light…

I was one of the many slaves to Micro$oft, using Window$ XP for many years. That was until May 2011 when I found myself talking to an old school friend (who’s moved to America), we got talking about Linux and its roots. I found out there are variations out there similar layout to how Window$ is, but it’s better.


Screenshot of Ubuntu 12.04 Gnome Classic & Kubuntu 12.04.

I was so intrigued by it, after being told about it and what it can do and how superior it is to Window$. You don’t need a Virus Killer or Firewall and It doesn’t need to be defragged. It doesn’t crash like Window$ so there’s no BSOD (Blue Screen of Death). It’s relatively easy to install programs. You can install them using the ‘Repo’ or if you’re feeling adventurous, you can install them yourself via the terminal. The ‘Repo’ is the reason that you don’t need a virus killer, they are 100% safe as they have already been checked. AND they’re FREE

You can get Ubuntu from HERE or the version I am now using, Kubuntu HERE.

I tried Ubuntu 11.10 after downloading the image and burning it to disc, I then rebooted my PC and booted to CD/DVD where Ubuntu boots to let you try Ubuntu or install it. After trying it (for less than 30 minutes), I liked it that much I installed it over Window$. Until I found Ubuntu, I was going to waste £1,200 on a completely NEW PC with Window$ 7. Instead, I continue to use my ‘old’ PC which was 5 years old in 2011, now it’s 8 years old and running FASTER as I can now use it to it’s FULL potential. I have upgraded the memory to the motherboards maximum of 8 Mb and I am able to bring the processors power to life, instead of being limited to 32bit, I can now use the full 64bits. There are so many benefits of using Ubuntu or any one of it’s many derivatives, check out the list HERE.


Kdenlive 0.9.8

If like me, you’re worried you’re not going to find similar software to what you used in Window$, just have a look HERE or HERE. There are PLENTY of similar programs, such as Kdenlive which is a great replacement for Nero.

And… Best of all… Ubuntu is FREE – No charge for a ridiculous ‘license key’.


Hello world!

Well, here it is… My first Blog.
Please be patient with me, I’m a blog virgin 😉
If you can help me with my blog site, please feel free to leave consturctive comments as I welcome any help and advice you can give me.

As you can see by my background image, I want the UK out of the EU.
I feel that being in the EU is a HUGE drain on the UK’s purse as primarily the money the Government gets of every UK tax payer is SUPPOSED to go towards the UK. Not to help bail out another country in the EU because of the failing EURO. Or to an even more pointless cause… Foreign Aid. After all, charity begins at home.